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Scholarship Program

The UNT Kuehne Speaker Series has expanded its support of academic excellence at the University of North Texas through the transformative Kuehne Scholarship Program, which offers one of the largest donor-funded scholarships at UNT.

We're proud to award our outstanding Kuehne Scholars $25,000 scholarships along with mentorship and networking opportunities to help set them up for academic and career success.

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Congratulations to the 2023-24 Kuehne Scholars

Kuehne scholarship recipient Martha Agyemang

"I am thankful for this scholarship because I can ease some tension and mental stress around the cost of school as well as focus on my academics."

Martha Agyemang

Kuehne scholarship recipient Kelly Camacho

"This scholarship took away the uncertainty and fears that were associated with me going to university by eliminating financial burdens and allowing me to continue to grow at UNT."

Kelly Camacho

Kuehne scholarship recipient Jissel Hernandez

"Words cannot express how grateful I am. As a first-generation college student, I have had to go through many obstacles without assistance. I feel relief. I can finally take a breath of fresh air before I enter the workforce."

Jissel Hernandez

Kuehne scholarship recipient Chloe King

"I am grateful for this scholarship because I finally feel like someone recognizes and believes in me and my dreams, enabling me to give my full and undivided attention to my education."

Chloe King

Kuehne scholarship recipient Jacklyn Perez

"I am one small step closer to achieving my dreams, and thanks to you, an even bigger step closer to helping other students in achieving theirs."

Jacklyn Perez

Past Kuehne Scholars

Kuehne scholarship recipient Ryan Simmons

"As a result of the Kuehne Speaker Series scholarship, I will have the opportunity to further my education, broaden my network of relationships and begin building my own legacy with far-reaching dreams."

Ryan Simmons
Entrepreneurship Major

Kuehne scholarship recipient Jia Grace Ware

"Being a Kuehne Scholar not only provides financial relief and freedom, but it has given me so many amazing opportunities to network with incredible people, learn new information and grow as a person."

Jia Grace Ware
Entrepreneurship and Spanish Major

Kuehne scholarship recipient JaQualia Morris

"I feel very encouraged, like my hard work is paying off. And now my family can relax and know that I am focusing on school and putting forth my best efforts."

JaQualia Morris
Accounting Major

Meet JaQualia in this video.

Kuehne scholarship recipient Lorenzo Wilson

"To be a member of the UNT family means to be a part of a tight-knit community. What the Kuehne Speaker Series donors are doing for our community is truly life-changing."

Lorenzo Wilson
Accounting Major

Meet Lorenzo in this video.

Kuehne scholarship recipient Camryn Yoder

"This is such an amazing opportunity that offers a lot of financial stability and helps me set a firm foundation for the plans I have after graduation."

Camryn Yoder
Marketing Major

Meet Camryn in this video.